Endovascular Therapy


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Endovascular Treatment (EVT), a treatment involving mechanical removal of blood clots in large vessel occlusions in the brain, using a retrievable stent, has demonstrated significant positive outcomes for patients with severe ischemic strokes. Time-is-brain in acute stroke care and delays in accessing EVT treatment may reduce the beneficial outcomes for eligible patients.

Currently, there are ten hospitals in Ontario providing EVT treatment, of those only seven hospitals are providing 24-hour access to treatment. There is no existing resource centre for referring and receiving centres to build capacity and ensure access to EVT.



The EVT Resource Centre is a vital component for enabling health system planners and clinicians with tools and resources to support regional implementation efforts to ensure access to EVT treatment. The EVT Resource Centre is based on the Ontario Regional Implementation Framework for EVT and provides referring centres and EVT Centres with tools and resources grounded in recommended best practices for EVT treatment. The resource centre includes the following sections:

  • Pre-treatment (Dispatch and EMS, ED Assessment and Triage, Imaging Protocols)
  • Treatment (Referring Centre, EVT Centre)
  • Post-treatment (Admission to Stroke Unit, Repatriation, Follow up and Prevention)


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