Resources for Stroke Rehabilitation

Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations for Rehabilitation

These national recommendations are accessible online at

This is a direct link to CSBPR for Rehabilitation (2015)


Quality-Based Procedures: Clinical Handbook for Stroke

The Quality-Based Procedures: Clinical Handbook for Stroke (December 2015) includes sections on Inpatient Rehabilitation (Module 4), Early Supported Discharge (module 7) and Community Treatment (module 9).


The following links to external websites may be helpful for stroke survivors and families/caregivers as well as healthcare providers:

The Champlain Healthline website lists a number of resources for patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare providers.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation website is another helpful resource.  Information provided on this site can help answer many questions about rehabilitation, like How long will rehab last? Where will I receive rehab? Who will provide rehab?

Stroke Engine is another online resource for clinicians as well as patients, families, and caregivers. On this site you will find a wealth of information about stroke, including information about stroke rehabilitation. The site offers information about many of the therapies that the stroke rehab team will use to improve the patient’s functionality, describes how the therapy is carried out, and explains the expected benefits.

The Ontario Stroke Network Stroke QBP Resources page provides many resources helpful for stroke rehabilitation providers.


Champlain Regional Stroke Rehabilitation System 2016 Update

The CRSRS was updated in June 2016 to reflect updates to Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations for Rehabilitation and the most recently updated Quality-Based Procedures: Clinical Handbook for Stroke.  Download documents related to the CRSRS 2016 on the CRSRS page of this website (click here).


Outcome Measures and other Assessments/Tools

The outcome measures and assessments/tools that were recommended for standard use with stroke patients along the continuum of care in the Champlain region are available on the Tools section of this website.  Click here for the direct link.

Many more resources like these are available on the Stroke Engine website.


Other Links

Ontario Stroke Network

Rehabilitative Care Alliance

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