TOH Stroke Prevention Clinic

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) was designated as the site of the Regional Stroke Prevention Clinic (SPC) in the fall of 2004.  This ensures that individuals who are at high risk for stroke in our region receive evidence-based care founded on best practices.  The SPC provides an integrated, comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to stroke prevention.  The main objectives are to reduce delays and inefficiencies in risk factor management of high-risk stroke patients and to facilitate timely access to surgical interventions.

The team includes stroke neurologists, stroke prevention nurse specialists, and administrative assistants.  Investigations and laboratory procedures are available on site.  Both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions are provided to the high-risk individuals and stroke survivors.

To access the SPC, the patients will need to have a referral by an emergency room physician, their family physician or another medical specialist.  Upon receipt of the referral, the administrative assistant will contact the patient with an appointment to be seen in the SPC.  In order to ensure efficiency of the clinic visit, it is possible that some tests be completed prior to the initial visit.

At the clinic, the patient will meet with the stroke neurologist and the stroke prevention nurse specialist to discuss their risk factors.  The patients may receive treatment, have tests and be referred to a specialist.  The care is based on the individual needs.

The Ottawa Hospital SPC can be reached at (613)798-5555 ext 16156 or by fax at (613)761-5320


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Champlain Regional Stroke Network The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus Civic Parkdale Clinic, Main North 1053 Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 4E9

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