AlphaFIM® Instrument

What is the AlphaFIM®?

UDSMR’s AlphaFIM® instrument is designed to provide a consistent method of assessing patient disability and functional status in the acute care hospital setting.  It consists of six items that can be reliably collected in acute care: Eating, Grooming, Bowel Management, Toilet Transfers, Expression, and Memory. For patients who are able to walk 150 feet or more, the Eating and Grooming items are replaced by items evaluating Walking and Bed Transfers.

Results provide an AlphaFIM® rating, with higher numbers indicating higher function, and an estimate of the patient’s ‘burden of care’ in hours.  The rating is an important link to functional measurement in the rehabilitation setting and is used as one of the main considerations for selecting a discharge destination for stroke patients. 


AlphaFIM® Credentialing Through the CRSN

Who is eligible for AlphaFIM Credentialing through the CRSN?

AlphaFIM® Credentialing through the CRSN is available to health care professionals who regularly work with stroke populations in acute care hospital settings in the Champlain region.

Course Information:

The training course is provided by the CRSN Best Practice Team.  Each session is 3 hours long.  There is now only one session to attend (previously there were 2 sessions for everyone new to the program).    

The course is taught in person at the Civic Campus of The Ottawa Hospital (map) in the Parkdale Clinic (Main Floor, Conference Room 50).  Participants may also choose to attend via videoconference, through the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).  If attending via videoconference, the CRSN will provide participants with the OTN Event ID.

It is the participant’s responsibility to reserve a room with an OTN connection at their site and to register to attend the event with OTN (using the Event ID provided; normally this is done through your Audio Visual or Telecommunications department).

An online test (through UDSMR) is completed in the participant’s own time following the session.  The participant must pass the test to become credentialed to use the AlphaFIM®.  Once the test is completed, participants must send their credential certificate to the CRSN (or inform the CRSN that they did not pass).  Certificates can be emailed to the CRSN Administrative Assistant Laura Dunn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)   


Cost and Payment

The CRSN offers the training at no cost, however there is a $45 fee to issue an AlphaFIM® Credentialing Key Code (key code to write the AlphaFIM® test). Generally, the manager of each participant will receive an invoice with payment instructions following registration.


Registration for AlphaFIM® Credentialing through CRSN is completed on the CRSN website.  Participants will receive an email confirming their registration.  Participants will also receive a reminder email before the session.

Click here to see the dates for upcoming sessions and to register  AlphaFIMlRegButton


Cancelling Registration

There is a registration cancellation form also on the CRSN website (click here).  Participants are to complete this form as soon as they are aware that attendance is not possible.  Cancellation must be received one week before the course date.   CancelRegButton

Recredentialing is required every two years.  Attendance at a learning session is optional at that time and a keycode can be requested to do the retest online.


More information or questions?

For more information or questions, please contact Laura Dunn, Administrative Assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AlphaFIM® is a trademark of Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, a division of UB Foundation Activities, Inc.

"UDSMR’s AlphaFIM® instrument provides a consistent method of assessing patient disability and functional status in the acute care hospital. The AlphaFIM® instrument can help you obtain expected FIM™ ratings, evaluate expected discharge status, and project expected minutes of care. AlphaFIM® ratings can be used to assign a probable discharge disposition from the acute care setting and can be converted to expected minutes of care, which help staff and family members understand a patient’s resource needs for performing activities of daily living."
                                                                           - from the AlphaFIM® website, which can be accessed

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